Most veterinary conditions can be treated with a holistic vet modality such as homeopathy. This includes acute conditions and chronic conditions. Herbal and Bush Flower essences are also used with the homeopathic remedies if indicated.

The natural homeopathic veterinary consultation is very different from a conventional veterinary consult.

In homeopathy it is important to understand the patient on a number of levels so that the best match of a homeopathic medicine can be prescribed. As well as normal physical examination, close investigation of the complaint and other complaints plus factors affecting them are collected. Most consults take an hour and the veterinarian spends time prior and post consult working on the patients case. Acute and longer term cases will require different histories and follow-ups. Consults are $140/ hour which compares favourably to conventional veterinary fees which average $60/ 15 minute consult ($240/hour).

Dr Harvey works with her clients in a team effort to understand the individual or herd to heal or palliate their pets. She will employ conventional medicine as required or work in conjunction with treatment from the client’s existing vet if applicable.


How it works

You can book a consultation via the contact page or by calling 0437 754 252.

Consultations are typically done at our Adelaide clinic, however also may available in rural South Australia and are always available via Skype.

Consultations are 1hr in duration, Dr Harvey will prescribe treatment either upon completion of the consult or after further consideration after the consultation.

Before the initial consultation you will be required to fill out a questionnaire about the animals history including; physical, social, medical and dietary. This enables Dr Harvey to review your case before the initial consultation.

The number of follow up consultations required varies from case to case.

A 50% deposit of the consultation fee is required before the consultation while the remainder of the fee is paid in person upon completion of the consultation.

If you have any further questions or would like to book, we’d love to hear from you.