I first met Dr Cathie Harvey playing golf and enjoyed her anecdotes about her veterinary practice and recall a particular comment about a successful homeopathic treatment to a dog that had a staggered circular walk , and that after ‘drops’ walked normally.

Cathie’s comment was something close to this: ‘…animals don’t have preconceived ideas about homeopathic medicine and its actions’

Unlike me.

When my new pup a Staffy Ruby (runt of the litter) had a run of seizures a few weeks after her immunizations. I returned to my Vet in Adelaide who suggested anti- seizure medication , probably for life.

She had also developed a distressing itchy rash over her abdomen.

I gave Cathie a ring, and asked if she could help as I was reluctant to start her treatment. I was very skeptical and a believer in conventional medicine as a long time registered nurse but was willing to try anything before my vets plan.

So we had our first visit to this mystical vet.

Drops were prescribed (looked like water to me) and after administration, Ruby slept for 24 hours, was calmer and over a period of weeks her rash improved. Cathie also advised me to stop commercial dog food and feed her fresh meat and vegetables, meat from any animal smaller than her. Also to cease immunizations.

She required no further ongoing drops and in the ensuing months had only 2 more convulsions after my children fed her commercial dog treats.

She remains free of convulsions and has occasional grass rash. She has had no further immunisations.

I was converted. My belief was further reinforced later with the successful, surprising treatment of a nasty corneal ulcer.

Ruby had sustained a corneal abrasion, my city vet treated her with antibiotic eye drops and later steroid drops when it became a corneal ulcer clearly visible after flourescene drops (0.5 x 0.75 cm) , after one week on treatment it was no better and she was booked in for surgery to have her third eye lid sewn over.

Again I rang Cathie, who hadn’t treated this condition before, so following her research we visited, oral drops prescribed, and within 3 days it was gone, I was stunned as was Cathie!

She is now my only Veterinary practitioner. I am a true believer in her homeopathic management of my pup. I have done and would always highly recommend Cathie to my friends.

Lisa Dolette

Ruby the staffy, Seizures

I was referred to Dr Cathie Harvey by a friend who had already had success with Cathie, I was excited to see how she could help my dogs! My regular vet was out of options to help me with Terra (one of my dogs) and her high liver levels. Dr Cathie was able to fill the gap and improve the health of my dogs.

She was also able to find things that needed treatment that my regular vet had not noticed which was really good. I also love that Dr Cathie offers an alternative to vaccinations, I think this is really important for older dogs especially.

I have already told many people about the success I have had using Dr Cathie with my dogs, I believe it is better to treat naturally wherever possible and I have seen improvement in the dogs since she have seen them – vet blood tests also confirm improvement!


Terra and Hydro, General Health

We had a calf that was a couple weeks old and had absolutely no suckling reflex whatsoever. She also had quite large white blotches in both iris. We were belly bagging the calf and tried cutting her feeds back in an attempt to increase her hunger and maybe encourage the suckling reflex, nothing changed.

I called Cathie and she suggested a possible remedy. I decided to give it a go as the calves future was looking very bleak.

Within 24 hours the calf had responded well. She was feeding normally within a matter of days and became the strongest heifer calf in her age group and still is. The botches in her eyes had totally disappeared after a couple of weeks also.

Previous to Cathie’s consult I must say I was a little skeptical of her treatment methods coming from a traditional farming background all my life. Since seeing the transformation of this calf, I have change my thoughts. Cathie has a very professional approach and is very easy to deal with. She has an incredible knowledge in her field and goes to great lengths to source the information she requires to treat the animal in need!

Lou Sanders

Dairy calf, Loss of suckling reflex

In 2012 puppies joined my family, Zimpo and Kara. I knew that I wanted a holistic vet that I could build a long-term relationship with, who would care for my dogs’ wellbeing in a holistic natural way. I was willing to travel to see the right vet. Fortunately, I found Dr Cathie Harvey who has now treated Kara and Zimpo for skin problems, fear and anxiety, aggression and incontinence. She has also provided nutritional guidance and advice on vaccinations.
I have been very pleased with the results from Dr Cathie’s treatment, it has helped my dogs without relying on conventional medication. Her friendly and caring approach made it an easy experience for me to take my dogs to her clinic.
If you have animals that you want to have holistic health treatment and advice, I highly recommend you see Dr Cathie Harvey. She is highly qualified and a wealth of information!

Marcela Ardelean

Kara and Zimpo, Tibetan Terriers, Itching and Incontinence

What I remember is a day very normal as most days. Dogs helping at the dairy. Huey’s usual fascination with the high pressure hose as I was washing down the dairy yard after milking. Then we had breakfast. About half an hour after milking, when we went to leave for netball, we noticed Huey staggering on the back lawn. She couldn’t stand the light, her eyes were constantly blinking and reacted to noise. She was very frightened. I had lost another dog 12 months ago with similar symptoms.

We were at Cathie’s within an hour. By now Huey was walking in circles, her eyes were flicking from side to side, she was unresponsive to us and she had muscles twitching. It was very serious. Cathie examined her and then began treating her with drops. Huey started to improve immediately after the drops. What a relief! She could walk out to the car within ½ hour and when home she seemed normal except she was tired and went to sleep. The signs returned twice over the next few weeks and each time she recovered when I gave her the drops. I was astounded at the rapid response, thank you Cathie for saving Huey!

Cindy Creighton